Spending time alone.

Sometimes I think that we don’t know how to spend time alone. Spending time alone is not cool. Spending time alone means that you don’t have friends and spending time alone is boring. Is that true? Why can’t we just stop for a moment? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not writing about becoming an outsider but it’s important to spend time with ourselfs from time to time. Just a moment to think and to listen to ourselfs. When was the last time you went for a long walk?



Honestly, I love to drink coffee in the morning. Just me and my spotify playlist. It’s just so nice to have a moment to think and to get my thoughts together. In mornings like this I don’t have to rush and instead, I can just relax. Of course, it’s not some kind of rouitine, because not every day is the same. However I try to appreciate moments like this.


Sometimes I feel like taking a break is a waste of time. But there are also moments when I remember how important it is to look around. The best way to do it is to go somewhere when you can appreciate nature. Then it comes to you and you start to think how small you are. In that moments of peace you can easily think and breathe.

I can’t think about someone who don’t need to be alone sometimes. We struggle to make everyone around us happy. It’s fine, but how can we stay positive if we dont have time to appreciate little things? It’s really important and the best way to do it is to spend time alone. It can be everything, from reading a book before going to sleep or just lonely walk. Why don’t you grab a cup of coffee, tea or whetever it is you like and just walk while listening to music .It doesn’t really matter what it is, you just have to feel comfortable with yourself.


Let me know what do you think about it in the comments down below 🙂




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Why I love Madrid?

Let me show you an amazing city. I don’t see many posts about it and it’s quite unfair. Probably it’s because of the fact that Spain has many other cities to visit. One can say that Barcelona for example is better for tourists. However I don’t see it that way. I really enjoyed my time there and I want to tell you about this place.



Madrid is a city with unique atmosphere. You can feel positive vibes and everyone you meet is so nice (but I think it’s common in Spain,it doesn’t depend on city). You can hear everyone talking loudly and see them smiling. People are eating fruits in plastic cups or tapas almost everywhere.


Even though city is big and crowded you don’t feel tired of this. There are many parks where you can find a place just for yourself. Also, you can get lost in the city while visiting new museums which are amazing by the way. Beautiful gardens are the next thing ion the list to visit.

You can’t get bored with big choice of tapas and fresh juices. What I found very unique is a place with churros con chocolate. Seriously, you can’t forget about it. The atmosphere of this place is lovely and churros are delicious!



Tansport in the city is great. Especially metro. Enough to say it’s the 7th longest metro in the world. I would also recomend taking a bus to Toledo. Famous city close to Madrid with amazing views.



Important thing is that city falls asleep quite late so there’s a lot to do. You don’t have to worry that you will be alone. At least in tourist season streets are crowded at night.




First blog post


Is it just me or intruduction posts are little bit weird? But it’s fine. I’ve decided to finally start a blog that I will be posting on regularly. I suppose many of us had that moment when we come up with the most cleaver idea to set up a blog. Great thought. The next step would be designing and thinking of the tittle. Checked! And the final part of this party is to forget the password… . Ok, so I won’t be a blogger… . Whatever.

Same story every single time…

But I’m a little bit older now and just maybe a little bit wiser. Ok, I’m kiding. I’m not and I’m ok with that!




So I have a passion for creativity. I’ve just graduated from High School so I can finally focus on this aspect. We all know that school education doesn’t like it 😉 (no offence)

More seriously I’m a sporty person. Not really into “being fit”, but I’ve been a competitive  swimmer for many years and I want to stay in shape. I love travelling and it has a special place with my heart. I’m curious and I want to discover as many new things as possible. Also I’m into music and photography.

I see life as a journey and I want to share this adventure. So here’s the blog.  If you like FRIENDS, coffee and chocolate as I do…. you’re already my friend.